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1) Do I need to register separately for Toddler and Primary Class ?

Ans : No. Once you have registered with us your child’s details will be kept on our wait list till the child turns 3 years, after which the name will be deleted if we are unable to accommodate your child at Harmony. We do not admit any child after the age of 3 years unless the child is coming from other pure Montessori school.

2) Is it a mother Toddler Programe?

Ans : No. It is only a Toddler Program where the child enters the classroom independent of the parent. However the parent or guardian will accompany the child till the classroom and wait outside the class till the child is settled.

3) How long does it take for a child to settle down in Toddler or Primary Class ?

Ans : This would vary from child to child. It may take 1 week to even 2/3 months time.

4) Do I need to keep following up with the school regularly about admission after online registration?

Ans : Once you are registered there is no need to call at the school to check on your status of admission. You will receive a call from us in the month of September the year prior to your child’s eligibility into either the Toddler or Primary Class.

Also, it is not advisable to insist on meeting The Principal / Vice Principal /Teachers for admission. You are requested to follow the office administration admission procedure –

1) Register Online

2) If you wish to understand the Montessori System followed at Harmony, please take an appointment at the office to meet our admission representative who will brief you on the same. We do conduct these meetings for a small group of parents at our Anand Vihar office.