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About Us

We are an educational institute that acknowledges and nurtures an innate strive for excellence. Accepting every unique child, Harmony Montessori offers environments that empower children with the capacity to shape their own lives. Children are encouraged to live their lives while seamlessly becoming one with a unified culture that promotes humanity, thereby unveiling its ultimate potential.

At Harmony, children joyfully explore their environments and the world around them, adopt a love for learning, and are self-motivated. They collaborate, discovering the vitality of collective consciousness, blossoming into the inspired leaders they are. Dedicated to ensuring children have the opportunity to develop according to their needs, we have designed environments that cater to children from 2 months to 12 years of age.

“This is the hope we have, a hope

in a new humanity that will come from this new education, an education that is
collaboration of man and the universe….”

- Dr. Maria Montessori

Over the years, Harmony has grown to be a school that accommodates 250 students. Supported by a staff of 42 trained professionals and an additional 8 who have acquired specialised skills, are assisted by a team of didis and helpers.

We have 3 branches across Mumbai with 350 students from age 14 months to 12 years. We do not believe in annual classes and standards, instead we follow a system of environments with a fluid age category that encourages the overall development and enables collaboration between students.

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